Taco Tribe NFTs

Free Mint

All NFTs from the Taco Tribe collection have one free mint attached to them from our Pixel Taco Collection. All you pay is the gas fee!

All Taco NFTs will be able to claim one free mint in its lifetime, even if transferred or sold. 

When you press mint on the Pixel Taco Minting DApp all Taco NFTs in your connected wallet will mint a Pixel Taco NFT automatically. (If you have 10 tacos in your wallet it will mint 10 nfts).

Currently there is no way to tell if a Taco Tribe NFT has been used to mint a Pixel Taco. The only way to know is attempting to mint and the transaction failing unfortunatly.

Transfer any tacos that you don't wish to claim a free nft (yet) to another wallet (or stake them to retain free mint & unstake after you’ve claimed).

Any questions please ‘open-a-ticket’ on our Discord!