Taco Tribe NFTs

NFT staking refers to an NFT owner locking up their asset for a certain period of time, earning passive income in the form of cryptocurrency while doing so. In this case our token $GUAC.

While staking tacos you can earn around 10 $GUAC per day for every taco staked.

The future of $GUAC is bright. Many ideas are being throw around to bring utility to the token & will be ultimately decided by the community using our DAO. Our first priority is to enable the purchase & sale of Taco NFTs & future collections.

Currently there is no liquidity behind the token, hence no monetary value. This is still something we need to discuss with the community but do have some solid ideas for bringing value.

Staking is currently live, but there are some issues we are fixing. The mobile version needs a lot of work & there are some UI glitches.

We are currently looking into this UI glitch. Don't worry, your tacos are safe. Press the refresh button on the dapp. Occasionally some people have had to disconnect and reconnect to the dapp again to see them, sometime multiple tries are needed. We are working on a fix.

We've recently updated the staking contract to fix a small hiccup. The staking dapp is now connected to the new staking contract & the old contract is currently not earning you $GUAC. Do not worry, we had claimed your $GUAC tokens for you at the time of the change. But you are no longer able to unstake your tacos on the dapp if your tacos were staked with the old contract.

In order to unstake your tacos you will have to go here on PolygonScan. Once there connect your wallet by clicking "Connect to Web3." After approving the connection click "Connect to Web3" again. Once connected scroll down to function #7 that reads "unstake." In this function you will be able to unstake your tacos. 


Enter you taco numbers in the "tokenIds" section inside brackets.

EXAMPLE: [2013,4025,2493]

In the "_pid" section enter the number zero & click write.

You can find a video tutorial on our youtube.

If you don't remember all your taco numbers or have any issues please do not hesitate to message me on twitter or open-a-ticket on Discord.